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Sunday, April 16, 2006
3 tips to choose the best site

You have the idea, and you are ready to blog!

But where to start!? Many sites are offering free and paid weblog hosting facilities. So which one should you choose?

some of the points you should keep in mind while choosing your weblog hosting are:

  • Paid or free. For a beginner I think free is just as good as any paid site. Though paid ones have their own advantages like more flexibilities, more tools, better speed. So if you can afford a paid one then go for it, and if not then join a free one.
  • Templates, Blog Managers and customization. I must admit that w****p***s beats the rest in templates and easy-of-use department. But..but… but b*****r beats it in customization and speed. And you can't post ad in w*** p***s
  • Last but not the least - blog address. More a hosting site is famous, lesser is your chance of getting your favorite blog address.

My advice. Try couple of weblog hosting sites sometime. See what need and what you can live without. What you like and what not. Then decide. Its better to spend some time in the beginning then moving to a new host later on.

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