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Saturday, April 29, 2006
Does credibility counts in blog community?
Darren Rowse of Problogger has recently written some nice articles on importance of credibility of a blogger in blogosphere. Its a 4 post series where he cleverly describes how longevity, experience, expertise and design affects your credibility and your blog's future. you can find complete article here
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Friday, April 28, 2006
Market your blog Cartman style!
Have you seen south park? In one of the episodes Cartman wons some huge money and he decides to buy a theme park.But he didnt want to share it with anyone so he didnt allow anyone to enter. But soon he needed money to pay techicial, operator and gateman. so on first week he started allowing only 2 visitors, on second week he allowed only 4 visitors.. this made everyone soo curious that everyone wanted to see cartman's park and nothing else.

And remember those mails and sms that we sometimes receives which says "don't scroll down" or "read after one day". They never fails to create enough curosity among readers to make then read it.

I believe that if you do what Cartman does and keep these two examples in mind while writing your next article you will have better success.
By the way don't come back on this blog for some days because ....[continued]
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Tuesday, April 25, 2006
Which type of blogger are you?
Do you have a blog? What kind of blog? What? You don't know what kind is your blog? ok. no problem. Let me help you. Tell me something about your blog? Do you like to spill all your creative thoughts on your blog, something that comes from your mind or have to taken to the task of exploring the big bad internet and posting the useful links on your blog so that other innocent souls don't have to wander aimlessly for hours?

If you fall into the first category then you are a "experiental" blogger - the rare kind, but if you can corelate yourself to the second kind then you are a "referential" blogger - not so rare but hard working kind.

But most bloggers falls somewhere in the middle. Even if they all had started with the idea of posting original content only with occassional links here and there, sometime later they run out of ideas (unless you are maintaining a personal blog) and end up posting links about news and other blog posts.
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Sunday, April 23, 2006
Nifty little trick to put "Category" section in you Blogger page
While visiting blogs on wordpress and similar other sites you might have noticed a section called "categories" where you can sort your blogs. I always wanted to have that feature in my own blog but blogger.com doesn't provide. So I came up with this nice little trick which does the job.

Here how you can also put categories in your blog, just follow me:
  • Open the Template of your blog and scroll down to "Begin #sidebar" section.
  • Copy the entire "Links" section and paste it just below it. (yeah you will have two links section one after another, check it in the preview to make sure)
  • Now change the title "Links" to "Categories" in lower code.
  • Here is the small trick. Open your blog page in a new window.
  • Enter the Keywords that you want to use for sorting blogs and hit enter or click "search this blog".
  • I wanted to have a category "Google" where I can keep all my post that relates to google in one place. So I entered the word google. (you can enter more then one word, you will get best result by trial and error)Now in the result window sort the results by date by clicking on the "Sort by Date".
  • Copy the url of this page from the address bar on the top of the page.
  • Paste this address as a link in your template and give the name of your choice. I named it Google Hacks.
  • Repeat the same for any other categories you wish to create. I plan to do the same for yahoo in near future.
  • Save the changes and republish to make the changes take effect.
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Saturday, April 22, 2006
Some more free blog sites to get you started
My first post about choosing the right weblog hosting site was by no mean a complete guide on that topic and I always wanted to add more for new readers like you because there is so much more choices that I wanted you all to know about. I recently came across a year old article from Pcworld that talks about some very famous blog hosting sites including Blogger.com, MSN Space, Yahoo 360 to get you started. I decided to add some new sites which are not included in this article.

Rediff blogs: The service is run by Rediff and its free. It has very simple template and basic features, so you need to know html to make your blog stand out. The good thing about this service is that it is very easy to setup and get started. And you get a very targeted audience.

Very nice free blog hosting site which doesn't require writer to know html codes. Very nice templates and it uses plugins to customize your blogs. The only downside is that in the free version you are not allowed to post any of the ads like Google Adsense.

My Journal: "Blogs by adults for adults". User must be above 18 years old to register for the account.

Xigna: This is another 100% web hosting site which offers some nice features like ability to get backup of your blog, getting detailed statistic about your blog traffic, blog search feature like one offered by google search engine and many more software. The downside is that it puts your blog as "http://xignablogs.com/blogs/your_blog_name" that really turns me off.

"Publish your thoughts, post your photos, all for FREE!". A Blogger.com look-alike blog hosting site with cool features like posting to your blog from mobile phone.

Businessbloging: A free and paid blog community for business bloggers. "Everything you need to quickly and easily publish online - whether it is pictures, video, documents, opinions or more, is included."

Blurty: Another Adult blog hosting site. They say - "Ok, so our standards aren't very high, but that's what makes reading some of the journals so much fun. You'll see" , sounds hilarious.

You have the choice to host your free blog at either crimsonblog or on your own server. But I must warn you that it is pretty outdated.

Blogsome: Another free blog hosting site with Wordpress themes.

Xanga: It offers both free and paid service and according to them "Xanga is obsessed with one thing: helping people publish content to the web", quite a catchy phrase. I don't know much about it because both the time I tried to register on the free service the page never loaded, its just too slow.
Updates: finally signed up at Xanga, really bad experience, bad templates and what not.

This list is by no mean complete in itself and the reader is encouraged to explore the blogosphere to find the site best suited for his or her interests and requirements.
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Blog visitors are young, wealthy and tech savvy

According to the study ""Behaviors of the Blogosphere" conducted by comScore Networks and published by PCWorld, the blog readers belong to wealthier household, thus increasing the prospect of earning more money from the blogs.

According to the same study "Blog visitors are 11 percent more likely than the average Internet user to have incomes of $75,000 or more, and are 30 percent more likely to live in households headed by someone between the ages of 18 and 34, the study found."
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Friday, April 21, 2006
Blogger template Hacks - How to put adsense!
Lets get down to the point. You want to earn money from blogging. You have setup blog on blogger.com. But now you don't know how to put google adsense to your blog. Here is the simple and dirty guide to putting those ads WHEREVER you want in your template so that you can make more money from your blog.

Step 1.
  • Very simple. Just Click the "Template" tab on top and then click on the "Adsense" tab.
  • Now choose the format size of your choice from the top down button (ok! ok! if you have seen this before but wants to have all the ad formats then just wait till we reach step 2)
click on the picture to enlarge
  • You can toy with the "select color" button but i suggest you leave it as it is, the Blend Template suits best.(as a matter of fact this is the only reason for THIS extra step;-)
  • Click on Save button.
  • Choose the "Adsense for content", then click on "Ad unit" or "Link unit".
  • Now choose any ad format you like. Have a look at the html code in the bottom of the page which says "Your Adsense code". (if you don't see it then just click on the "continue" button at the bottom couple of times)
click picture to enlarge
  • The main trick here is to put exact color values in this ad as that of your template.
  • Now this is the trick I am going to tell you which would allow you to do that.
  • In a seperate window login to your blogger.com account.
  • Click on the Template tab and click on "Edit current" if not selected already (this is where you see html code for your blog d0od).
  • Select all html text, copy it to your favorite text editor (I do it in Notepad).
  • Now look for google script which look very similar to the "Your Adsense Code" in last section of the Google Adsense setup.
  • Note down the "google_color_bg", "google_color_text", "google_color_url", "google_color_link" values and enter these into the Google Adsense Color.
  • Congratulation. Its almost done. Now just copy the "Your Adsense Code" into your template wherever you want to place.
  • Click on the preview and adjust by trial and error to your taste.

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Thursday, April 20, 2006
Wall Street Debate - Can Bloggers make money?
News From BlogoSphere

Longtime Internet entrepreneur Alan Meckler,who is chief executive of Jupitermedia Inc. and Jason Calacanis, co-founded Weblogs Inc., a network of blogging sites that was acquired last year by AOL. Mr. Calacanis debates on the future of blog and money bloggers can make.

Read full story in The Wall Street Journal.
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Wednesday, April 19, 2006
8 things to keep in mind while writing a blog!
Many bloggers spends their valuable time and energy in writing the articles but hardly anyone seems to be interested in reading them. They ask themselves - Why no one visit my blog? what's missing in my articles? If these questions sounds dangerously familiar then read on.

8 things you should keep in mind while writing a blog are:

  1. topic. Choose some interesting topic. people are hardly interested in reading about your person life. they want something spicy and happening.
  2. long term blogging. after choosing a topic ask yourself - will you be able to continue blogging on this topic after a month with kind of excitement and interest you have right now. will you be able to find new topics to blog ever after two months.
  3. theme. It is observed that a blog which have got some theme - like gardening or camera review, gets more number of repeated visitors compared to those blogs which tries to cover everything.
  4. be different. Don't choose a topic that's covered by 20 more blogs. surfers would visit your blog again only if something is available only on your blog.
  5. be original. Copying others' material won't take you anywhere. sooner or later people would find out!
  6. presentation. its all about how you present your article. if its about reviews then include lots of pictures. pay attention to details but don't make it look all cramped up !
  7. be concise. According to some studies a reader spends around 90 seconds per blog. you don't expect him to go through a 1000 words article, do you? moral of the story - keep it short. and break it into a series of articles if you can't reduce it.
  8. be regular. though there is no fixed rule on how many posts one should have per week. But you should keep in mind that readers will only visit if they find something interesting on ur blog on regular basis.
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Monday, April 17, 2006
How to put Google Adsense Code in "Rediff Blogs"

Putting google adsense code in Rediff Blogs is a very difficult tasks for people who don't know html programming. This small tutorial is for helping the fellow bloggers put the Google Adsense Code in there Rediff Blogs.

  • Login into your Rediff Blog account and click on your blog's name.
  • Click on "Template" button on the top left corner of the page.

You can decide any place you want to put your google ads in you blog. The best place is just above your articles and just next to your "links" on the sidebar.

I am going to show you how to put ads on sidebar.

Now this is the tricky part.

  • First copy whole template code in your notepad and save it.
  • Now scroll down to 4/5 of the code and look for comments that says "Favorite Link ends here" or try finding the word "link" or something similar that appears in your template.
  • Make some empty space JUST AFTER this line by pressing enter key couple of times.
  • now copy your Google Adsense code from your google account and paste it in the empty space.
  • Copy whole code in the rediff's Edit Template section.
  • Click on the "PREVIEW" button on the bottom. And check for the changes by scrolling the preview window.
  • If you are satisfied with the location of the ads then click "SAVE".
  • Changes are saved but would not be displayed unless you republish the blog. To do that click on the "Publish Blog" button on the top right of the page.
  • Check your new blog by clicking on the "View Blog" button.
  • You can always get your old template by pasting the save code from notepad to the template window and republishing.

If you find this article useful, then bookmark the page. Come back for tips on adding new ads and buttons.

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Sunday, April 16, 2006
How to setup your google adsense account - tutorial for beginners
Welcome to my tutorial on How to setup Google's Adsense account. This is more of a walkthrough where I am going to help you through every step. So Its better if you don't just read it but start creating your own account as we go through this tutorial. You don't need to have a blog ready to create your account. You can always add it later.

Step 1
Visit google adsense page.
Step 2
After step 1 you will be greeted by friendly Google adsense page.
click on the "Click to Apply" Button

On clicking the button you will be taken to the application form button.

Step 3
Filling the Form. Starting from the first column start filling the form as follows:

  1. Account Type : If you are applying a part of the company then choose Individual type.
  2. Country or territory: click the "Select a country or territory button once and choose your country name.
  3. Website URL: type full path of your blog or web page. For example I entered 'http://www.blog4bloggers.blogspot.com ' .
  4. Website Language: Select the language in which you are going to write in your blog or site. I selected English.
  5. Products: By default both "Adsense for Content" and "Adsense for Search" is selected (ticked ). Don't change it.
  6. Contact Information: Enter Your full name and address , as it appears in your bank passbook or school card. This is important because you will get your checks mailed at the address you give here and to the person named here. So if you don't have a bank account give your family member's name or open an account in the mean time. Give all the information about your city, state and pin number.
  7. You don't have to fill "Country or territory" here again.
  8. Phone Number. Give your personal mobile number or home number.
  9. Policies. Select all the 5 boxes, read the policies if you like, but you can read my blog on "How not to get your google account blocked" for more details.
  10. Give the email address where you will get the information about your account like renewal of lost passwords etc.
  11. Password. Select a big password with alphabet and numbers.
  12. Click on "Submit Information" button.
  13. On clicking the above button you will be taken to next page where all the informations you have entered will be displayed.
  14. Check the informations one more time for any mistakes.
  15. If there is some mistake then click the "Edit Account Information" button.
  16. Else if everything is fine then click on "Create Account" button.
  17. Congratulations. You have successfully created your google adsense account.
  18. Now just one more step is left. Go to your email account and click on the link given my google adsense to confirm.
  19. Google Adsense takes around 48 hours to verify and activate your account. So till then relax and keep blogging.

If you found this page useful then bookmark it. Post your comments and doubts.

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Google helps you make money too
Now you can make money sitting in your home. And this is happening in India also. Check out the Story covered by Times of India. A guy from rajasthan is earning more then 60,000 Rupees per MONTH, thats more then 7 lakhs per year. And whats the biggest surprise! he runs a cyber cafe for a living. So If he can do it then so can you.

Read full story in Times Of India

According to Jupiter Research, the online advertising market is going to grow to $18.9 billion by 2010. Now you can be part of that industry by starting right now.

Now that you are here feel free to explore my blog for various tutorial and tips.
This blog is updated regularly and I recent time I plan to write articles on how to add your blogs to various search engines like google and yahoo and other articles to increase traffic.
A good place to start would be my tutorial on registering on google's free adsense account.

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3 tips to choose the best site

You have the idea, and you are ready to blog!

But where to start!? Many sites are offering free and paid weblog hosting facilities. So which one should you choose?

some of the points you should keep in mind while choosing your weblog hosting are:

  • Paid or free. For a beginner I think free is just as good as any paid site. Though paid ones have their own advantages like more flexibilities, more tools, better speed. So if you can afford a paid one then go for it, and if not then join a free one.
  • Templates, Blog Managers and customization. I must admit that w****p***s beats the rest in templates and easy-of-use department. But..but… but b*****r beats it in customization and speed. And you can't post ad in w*** p***s
  • Last but not the least - blog address. More a hosting site is famous, lesser is your chance of getting your favorite blog address.

My advice. Try couple of weblog hosting sites sometime. See what need and what you can live without. What you like and what not. Then decide. Its better to spend some time in the beginning then moving to a new host later on.

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Lets get started man!

so you blog for fun ? great!

Nothing sounds better then earning some extra bucks while doing the things you like most - writing about things you like, discussing about new gadget you baught, sharing new advice - in short, blogging!!

An advice - this is not a page to sit back and read, you need to work with it. Follow various series step by step and in no time you will blog like a pro.

So what you waiting for?? lets start!

but first a little advice!

Don't start blogging to earn money. Why? because blogging over a long time needs lots of stuff, stuffs you like to write, stuff that you find interesting.. so if you are here for money you would loose interest in no time!! Its just like doing yoga or walking, you know its good for your health but still you don't do it. Thats Why!!

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