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Saturday, April 22, 2006
Some more free blog sites to get you started
My first post about choosing the right weblog hosting site was by no mean a complete guide on that topic and I always wanted to add more for new readers like you because there is so much more choices that I wanted you all to know about. I recently came across a year old article from Pcworld that talks about some very famous blog hosting sites including Blogger.com, MSN Space, Yahoo 360 to get you started. I decided to add some new sites which are not included in this article.

Rediff blogs: The service is run by Rediff and its free. It has very simple template and basic features, so you need to know html to make your blog stand out. The good thing about this service is that it is very easy to setup and get started. And you get a very targeted audience.

Very nice free blog hosting site which doesn't require writer to know html codes. Very nice templates and it uses plugins to customize your blogs. The only downside is that in the free version you are not allowed to post any of the ads like Google Adsense.

My Journal: "Blogs by adults for adults". User must be above 18 years old to register for the account.

Xigna: This is another 100% web hosting site which offers some nice features like ability to get backup of your blog, getting detailed statistic about your blog traffic, blog search feature like one offered by google search engine and many more software. The downside is that it puts your blog as "http://xignablogs.com/blogs/your_blog_name" that really turns me off.

"Publish your thoughts, post your photos, all for FREE!". A Blogger.com look-alike blog hosting site with cool features like posting to your blog from mobile phone.

Businessbloging: A free and paid blog community for business bloggers. "Everything you need to quickly and easily publish online - whether it is pictures, video, documents, opinions or more, is included."

Blurty: Another Adult blog hosting site. They say - "Ok, so our standards aren't very high, but that's what makes reading some of the journals so much fun. You'll see" , sounds hilarious.

You have the choice to host your free blog at either crimsonblog or on your own server. But I must warn you that it is pretty outdated.

Blogsome: Another free blog hosting site with Wordpress themes.

Xanga: It offers both free and paid service and according to them "Xanga is obsessed with one thing: helping people publish content to the web", quite a catchy phrase. I don't know much about it because both the time I tried to register on the free service the page never loaded, its just too slow.
Updates: finally signed up at Xanga, really bad experience, bad templates and what not.

This list is by no mean complete in itself and the reader is encouraged to explore the blogosphere to find the site best suited for his or her interests and requirements.
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