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Wednesday, April 19, 2006
8 things to keep in mind while writing a blog!
Many bloggers spends their valuable time and energy in writing the articles but hardly anyone seems to be interested in reading them. They ask themselves - Why no one visit my blog? what's missing in my articles? If these questions sounds dangerously familiar then read on.

8 things you should keep in mind while writing a blog are:

  1. topic. Choose some interesting topic. people are hardly interested in reading about your person life. they want something spicy and happening.
  2. long term blogging. after choosing a topic ask yourself - will you be able to continue blogging on this topic after a month with kind of excitement and interest you have right now. will you be able to find new topics to blog ever after two months.
  3. theme. It is observed that a blog which have got some theme - like gardening or camera review, gets more number of repeated visitors compared to those blogs which tries to cover everything.
  4. be different. Don't choose a topic that's covered by 20 more blogs. surfers would visit your blog again only if something is available only on your blog.
  5. be original. Copying others' material won't take you anywhere. sooner or later people would find out!
  6. presentation. its all about how you present your article. if its about reviews then include lots of pictures. pay attention to details but don't make it look all cramped up !
  7. be concise. According to some studies a reader spends around 90 seconds per blog. you don't expect him to go through a 1000 words article, do you? moral of the story - keep it short. and break it into a series of articles if you can't reduce it.
  8. be regular. though there is no fixed rule on how many posts one should have per week. But you should keep in mind that readers will only visit if they find something interesting on ur blog on regular basis.
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