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Tuesday, July 25, 2006
B4B reincarnation - Single Resource Blog for blogger templates, tips and everything geeky is here
blog for bloggersIf this blog were to die and reborn again then many things would be different here. I have learned a lot in last few months. In the beginning I did lot of things wrong, mostly due to my ignorance. Lot of these things that I want to do is mostly related to how my blog is organized. Let me point them out:

  • The Goal: I started out this blog as my voice in blogosphere but I lacked any goal, I just wanted to talk about stuffs that I learned and used this blog to share that knowledge to everyone. I just kept walking without any knowledge, but soon I realized that I must focus on something, something that I liked, something specific. Just as time passed the importance of some goal became even more important. Here I am not talking about the goal as in The Goal to reach $1000 per month within next 365 days, but I mean to say something bigger than that, the final goal of this blog. The "objective" of this blog. If I want to start this blog all over again that first thing I would do is to set some fixed goal.

  • Am I Alone: I know, no one wants to be alone. But I want to be alone. No its not a bad feeling, as a matter of fact everyone wants to be alone in blogosphere.Oh! by alone I mean unique, one of its kind. I started talking about things that I liked but soon I realized that there are many who know more about them and can express them in much better way then me. Repeating them and not giving anything from my side was not the reason I started this blog.

Now that I have spent quite some time blogging I can answer Darren's question: If I had to start my blog again then the first thing I would do is get this the this blog's goal clear - To be THE BEST resource blog for blogspot blogs. There are many blogs which gives tips, templates and lot of things for blogspot blogs, but they are scattered all over the blogosphere. I wish to make this blog One Stop blog for all their needs. I know most of the bloggers reading this use Wordpress, Typepad etc but I want this blog to cater to new bloggers needs. I like programming and I have interest in designs, so I can safely say that I would be able to do justice to my work.
This post is written as part of If I had to Start My Blog Again - Group Writing Project

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