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Sunday, July 02, 2006
Google will give you money -- for free

You just have to ask and google would send you $100 check, or at least that's what these publishers are thinking. Many publishers are trying to make some easy money by click frauds. And no, they are not doing this in some hush hush manner but they are inviting everyone to join their i-click-your-ad-you-click-my-ad kind of club. And the most funny thing is that all this is happening right under google's own eyes. Think about it - Most of these publishers start their blog on Google's Blogger.com, then they as put Adsense Ads to make easy money and finally they are using Google's social networking site Orkut.com to get the clicks.

The chain is very simple. All they have to do is visit the blog links given in the most current comment, click some ads, then post their own blogs links for next one to follow. And this chain is not even new. It started on 10th of Jan and on the day of writing this post there were 144 post in total. Here are some snapshots of the page for those who don't have Orkut account.

first page of the thread (click to enlarge)


144 comments at the time of writing this post(click to enlarge)


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