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Monday, June 12, 2006
Google is going to listen to your tv

google research

If you want to see maps, movie updates, news or even relevant ads of Europe on your PC then all you have to do is switch-on your TV.

That's right, google's new research paper which also won 'Best Paper' award at Euro ITV 2006 which took place couple of weeks back, focuses on using broadcast viewing to automatically present relevant information on a web browser. In other words its going to collect sound from TV and parse it to get some keywords and going to present the surfer with real-time forums, ad-hoc chat rooms, actor profile and even maps of locales within the movie.

This is real exciting and I can't wait to see google implement it. I wonder what's going to happen when you are surfing for latest gadget and tech news and your wife is watching "Desperate Housewives" ;-)

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