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Saturday, May 27, 2006
7 'must have' Blogger tips and tricks for blogspot
Last week I had some adsense problem with this blog and I had to search for some template tricks to solve it. On my quest I came accross many interesting template hacks for blogspot platform which I am listing here for all my readers comfort. Feel free to experiment.

  1. Make your latest post your blog's landing page. This trick redirects visitors from homepage to most recent post. Link
  2. Category. For basic category function check my old post. For more complicated methods you can read this article.
  3. Author comment highlighting hack. external link
  4. Expandable post trick. If your post is very long and you wish to have "click here to read more" kind of link to your blog then this trick is for you.
  5. Archiving posts with latest post on top of a drop down menu.
  6. Trackbacks by Haloscan. Much needed feature that Blogger seems to ignore. One little warning, this hides all your old comments and I didn't like the look either, so removed it.
  7. Previous Post Hack. As the name suggests, add a link to the your previous post.
Thats all for now folks. Actually I have few cool hacks for you but I haven't tested them yet. So you have to back come some time later.
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