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Sunday, May 14, 2006
Finally I won Liz's link love. It was not easy for a me, had to try twice, but with some help and guidance from ever sweet Liz I finally won (I guess). The Game was simple - Liz posted her link lust list on one of the three blogs, and all you have to do is find who linked her back. It just like treasure hunting with a twist. On winning I get to suggest one blog of my choice which gets linked by Liz's successful-blog, I picked heavenlyankh for its fresh look and touching posts, I am sure this would bring smile to andrena face over at heavenlyyankh.

And yeah, I almost forgot to tell you about my link lust -
1)Seth Godin - I like the bald pic in his blog, no seriously its one of the finest blog out there.
2)Liz - for being so caring.
3)Mike of simplenomics - for speaking his heart - always!
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