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Friday, May 12, 2006
high paying keyword poetry for fun and profit
There is a new trend catching up in the blogosphere, no its not about link leak virus or a new google tool, its about poetry. Yes! more and more bloggers are writting poems with high paying keywords. The bloggers got this idea after reading a list of high paying keywords at CyberWire.

YankeeFrog have aready started a series based on such poems and DigitalPoint forum members have started threads where they are posting their very first creations. Read similar post at Boingboing.net.

Maybe I should also give it a try (bear with me :-)

Three little piggies, went to countrywide car race
they had to win money, for mortgage refinance

One litty piggy met with an auto accident
car accident lawyer said - "it was a wrongful death"

Two little piggies hired a Personal injury attorney
to milk the insurance company of its money

no sir! two little piggies didn't get single dollar of america
cos' little dead piggy had peritoneal mesothelioma

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