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Monday, May 08, 2006
things i did to get banned from google adsense
Just like any new adsense publisher I also did many mistakes which was against TOS. After so many days I started believing that I know everything that has to know about adsense TOS. But today only someone pointed out one of my mistakes that I was doing unknowingly. Though I didn't make any profit from it, but non the less it was like paying with fire.

From my past experiences and knowledge I am listing some common mistakes that publishers do knowingly and unknowingly so that you can also learn from them.

  1. Clicking on your own ads - this is least common now that people are aware.
  2. Asking your friends to click on your ads - people stops 1 and start doing this.
  3. Making a small group to click on each others ads.
  4. Downloading firefox, picasa and other products by referral on lab computers.
  5. Placing images pointing to the ads - like arrows, pen, pencil etc.
  6. Placing ads and images next to eachother WITHOUT any gap between them.
  7. Choosing only image ads to display and then placing similar looking pictures next to them.
  8. Asking your visitors to use your referral to register adsense account thinking that you are promoting them and its not like pay-per-click ads.
  9. Using scripts to increasing traffic.

These are the most common mistakes a newbie is likely to make. Though this list is not complete by any means and there are many other google terms and conditions like not placing ads on adult, gambling sites, or placing similar ads from others. But this post focuses the methods that people implement to cheat knowingly or to make more money thinking that these are some great tricks and tips.

Feel free to suggest any more that you might have seen or done in past.

PS: I didn't get banned finally, just corrected some mistakes today.
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