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Saturday, May 06, 2006
Future of blgging - asia !
Yahoo drops MySpace publishers - what cr#*, thats old news.

Yes I know that its old news but do you know why they did it? They did it because .. shut up you mo#$n!! we know why they did it.. because "the traffic quality" was not good, this is really a cr%#y post, "I am going home".

Ok wait.. just one question - do you know what YPN publishers are doing now to avoid getting banned? They are using all sort of GeoIP targeting and phpadsnew mumbo-jambo to target YPN ads only to US visitors... so what, thats smart thing to do. other visitors are useless.

I don't think thats correct. Look at Technorati tracks - more then two-third of posts are from non-englishing speaking bloggers. Yes, english is not even most used language of blogosphere, its Japanese. No wonder you won’t make much money by showing ads ONLY to US based visitors.

And according to a recent report China expects 100 million bloggers by the end of year 2006.

Yahoo sees huge potential for growth in India. According to Jerry Yang, founder & chief, Yahoo, internet in India is in nascent stages. He says that "we see internet growing beyond the one billion users and lot of that growth will happen in India. And it’s not just more numbers, but the kind of applications, companies come out with. The game has just begun here.”

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