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Thursday, May 04, 2006
Yahoo advertising on Google's AdWords network - but why?
I don't know about rest of you but yesterday I saw this for the first time and I felt like sharing with my visitors.
When I first saw familiar smiley jumping on my screen on this very blog I thought - wow! google adsense is now showing animated ads too. And to my surprise i noticed that it was non other then our beloved yahoo messenger's ad.

I wonder what YPN advertizers would think of this ad.

click image to enlarge
Yesterday I discussed this on DigitalPoint and cldnails suggested that "Maybe somebody created an ad campaign and instead of having the target url their website, it's an affiliate link." and that its highly unlikely "that a corporation like Yahoo is using a competitors service?"

He had a point and so I decided to do some research before commenting anymore on the topic. I went to google and started entering random combination of yahoo related words like yahoo, mail, messenger etc.

On searching for "yahoo messenger" and "yahoo voice" (both without quotes) I found yahoo ads on google. Check image or search for yourself.

click image to enlarge

Any comments?

updates: Felt like checking yahoo search and guess what - even yahoo is showing google adsense ads! It seems that the are not rivals afterall

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