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Sunday, April 23, 2006
Nifty little trick to put "Category" section in you Blogger page
While visiting blogs on wordpress and similar other sites you might have noticed a section called "categories" where you can sort your blogs. I always wanted to have that feature in my own blog but blogger.com doesn't provide. So I came up with this nice little trick which does the job.

Here how you can also put categories in your blog, just follow me:
  • Open the Template of your blog and scroll down to "Begin #sidebar" section.
  • Copy the entire "Links" section and paste it just below it. (yeah you will have two links section one after another, check it in the preview to make sure)
  • Now change the title "Links" to "Categories" in lower code.
  • Here is the small trick. Open your blog page in a new window.
  • Enter the Keywords that you want to use for sorting blogs and hit enter or click "search this blog".
  • I wanted to have a category "Google" where I can keep all my post that relates to google in one place. So I entered the word google. (you can enter more then one word, you will get best result by trial and error)Now in the result window sort the results by date by clicking on the "Sort by Date".
  • Copy the url of this page from the address bar on the top of the page.
  • Paste this address as a link in your template and give the name of your choice. I named it Google Hacks.
  • Repeat the same for any other categories you wish to create. I plan to do the same for yahoo in near future.
  • Save the changes and republish to make the changes take effect.
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