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Friday, April 28, 2006
Market your blog Cartman style!
Have you seen south park? In one of the episodes Cartman wons some huge money and he decides to buy a theme park.But he didnt want to share it with anyone so he didnt allow anyone to enter. But soon he needed money to pay techicial, operator and gateman. so on first week he started allowing only 2 visitors, on second week he allowed only 4 visitors.. this made everyone soo curious that everyone wanted to see cartman's park and nothing else.

And remember those mails and sms that we sometimes receives which says "don't scroll down" or "read after one day". They never fails to create enough curosity among readers to make then read it.

I believe that if you do what Cartman does and keep these two examples in mind while writing your next article you will have better success.
By the way don't come back on this blog for some days because ....[continued]
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