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Tuesday, April 25, 2006
Which type of blogger are you?
Do you have a blog? What kind of blog? What? You don't know what kind is your blog? ok. no problem. Let me help you. Tell me something about your blog? Do you like to spill all your creative thoughts on your blog, something that comes from your mind or have to taken to the task of exploring the big bad internet and posting the useful links on your blog so that other innocent souls don't have to wander aimlessly for hours?

If you fall into the first category then you are a "experiental" blogger - the rare kind, but if you can corelate yourself to the second kind then you are a "referential" blogger - not so rare but hard working kind.

But most bloggers falls somewhere in the middle. Even if they all had started with the idea of posting original content only with occassional links here and there, sometime later they run out of ideas (unless you are maintaining a personal blog) and end up posting links about news and other blog posts.
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