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Thursday, May 04, 2006
Get instant revenue jump with google referral picasa
Google is regularly experiemnting with its referral products. It was hardly a week before when google introduced "text link refeerals" for its all products like - google adwords, google adsense and google firefox and now it has introduced a new referral for its publishers - Picasa.

"Picasa is a Windows application that allows users to find, edit, and enjoy the pictures on their computer in seconds. Picasa also makes advanced editing and picture sharing simple with fast one-click fixes." And not to forget that its totally free.
What's in it for publishers?
When a user downloads and installs Picasa through your referral, Google will credit your account with up to $1.00.

I am using this software from long ago and I can say that the best feature of Picasa is its ability to send batches of pictures from you computer without the hassel of attaching and resizing. With my gmail account it takes be couple of clicks to send 20-30 pictures instantly.

If you decide to take a tour of Picasa click here (external link)
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