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Friday, May 05, 2006
"Link Leak Virus" - Problogger's gift to blogosphere
Mike Sigers of Simplenomics has started a new phenomenon - "Link Leak Virus", but before I talk about it let me tell you that its a good way of spreading link love in blog community.

Link Leak Virus is already spreading like a wild fire and bloggers are dropping it here and there like bad habits. If you have your own site or blog and you feel interested in link leak virus then maybe you can also be part of this Link Leak Virus and it might happen that those three of among your links would spread it even more wider in blogosphere.

Here how you can be part of link leak phenomenon - take any three blogs/sites of your choice and drop links on your next post. Why three? In Mike's own words - "since all good things, except wives, come in threes, like my three daughters".

Anyway I have dropped three on this post and lets see how this chain follows.

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