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Monday, May 08, 2006
Power of adsense to destroy Internet Explorer
A group called explorerdestroyer has taken the war against Microsoft's Internet Explorer in open and this time their weapon is Google's adsense program. This group of open-source activists has begun a controversial campaign to encourage Web surfers to switch from Microsoft's Internet Explorer to the open-source based Firefox browser. The plan? Pay Web site owners $1 for each user they convert to Firefox. The tactic takes advantage of Google's AdSense Referral program.

How it works: you need an adsense account to get started. After getting the account you can download a script from the explorerdestroyer website and install it on your site. When you install the script on your site, you can decide how much force you want to use to convince your users to switch away from the dark side. You can choose between 3 settings: Gentle, Semi-serious and Very-serious:

Level 1: Gentle Encouragement
Visitors using IE see a message encouraging them to download Firefox (with a download link) running across the top of the page.

Level 2: Semi-serious
Visitors using IE get a friendly splash page encouraging them to download Firefox. There's a download link, and a link to continue on to your site.

Level 3: Very serious
Level 3 will not allow people using IE past a splash page. This level is very useful for sites that are not IE6 compatible. And there's never been a more important moment to switch people to Firefox

For more information visit explorerdestroyer
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