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Wednesday, May 10, 2006
follow up on link leak and link lust fight
As they say - All's well that ends well.

Darren and Mike have made peace. No blood bath or hard feelings what so ever. Looking at Darren's replies you should give him benefit of doubt that when someone as busy as Darren who gets tonnes of mails daily have to write a post then its very linkly that details like who has written such posts recently might not come to his mind.

Darren also have a point when he said that "I’m not sure I got 3 emails, 2 emails, 4 emails or whatever. I do remember getting at least one and I do remember thinking that it wasn’t something that fitted with the rhythm of ProBlogger that day (I try to limit numbers of types of posts - get the mix right). After that I promptly forgot about it." Doesn't this happen to you all the time. Sometimes something important comes to your mind while you are doing some other work and so you decide to write in down as soon as you finish it, but in few minutes it totally vanishes from your mind.

We should not think of this whole issue as a weakness of blog community which is fighting over credits and back links but we should think of this as its strength to solve any kind of issues peacefully and as Mike puts it "Darren and I have not resorted to name calling, ugly adjectives, profane words,etc. Nor have we gone into sheer attack mode. Please try to handle your difference with dignity, respect, room for the other persons opinion and forgiveness."

Darren gives Mike link leak credit in his Link Lusk post's update and we all get on with our lives.

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