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Wednesday, May 10, 2006
Latest "Google Health" Updates - 4 new categories - 19 new labels
It's not even 9 hours since my last post on google health where I wrote about google health features, it's interface and six categories, and google health has already changed its look even further. As Of now Google health have For new categories - Condition info, Drug info, For doctors and info type and each category again have 4-5 lables like Symptoms, side effects, patient handouts and support groups.

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It seems that they are in real hurry to launch Google health. Check out the Google Co-op Page for current face of google health and similar new launch from google. In last 9 hours or so they have added 11 more labels takes it to 19 and I have a strange feeling that this page is going to be hot-spot for coming days with changes taking place every couple of hours. Well I plan to keep you updated with here on B4B none the less. So keep coming back.

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Google to launch "google health"
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