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Saturday, May 20, 2006
I am week 30 SOB award winner
Life is full of high and low moments, while I was spending my last couple of days trying to figure out why google ads are not getting displayed on this blog and getting no results what so ever, my hard work that I put in creating and running this blog finally got recognized and I was awarded this week's SOB : Successful and Outstanding Blogger award by Liz.

Liz is the owner of successful-blog and SOB concept was started by her 30 weeks back. And this is how she puts it:

The idea was that anyone who took the discussion back to their blog would let me know. Then I would give that blog recognition on Successful-Blog for extending the conversation into the blogosphere–making the community larger, the dialogue bigger, all of us smarter, better and our businesses stronger. Most folks forgot the part about letting me know. So I kept watch and found out on my own.

She is very hard working, is't she? There are eight other winners of this week's SOB awards and I am going to go check them all today itself. If you are also interested in winning this award then I would suggest you to do the same and even if you are not interested then also its going to an interesting read.

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