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Monday, May 15, 2006
Headlines - do they matter in SEO world?

Name one similarity among above statements(answer is at bottom of this post)
What is the difference between "good headlines" and "attention grabbing headlines"? While former just tells you about the quality of the headlines but the later tells you "how good" is it.

You can write the headlines for search engines(SE) or you can write it for people. You may ask whats the difference between two. Well the difference lies in how your pages gets indexed in SE, look at the permalink of this post, what do you see? All the words that forms the headline goes into this permalink which is why it becomes very important from SE's point of view to from a keyword rich headline.

On the other hand when you write headlines for readers you don't try to pack in as many keywords as possible but you tries to make it interesting for your readers. They can be short and snappy.

The best path is the middle one - include 1-2 keywords and try to make it interesting and relevant to the post.If you have really catchy but totally irrelevant headlines, they would attract the visitors but won't be able to convert them into your frequent visitors.

answer: these are some of the most famous headlines of their time.

source wikipedia
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