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Thursday, June 01, 2006
Google Adsense API beta - mean money making machine

Great news for web publishers! But first let me tell you a story and if you are a newbie then you should definitely pay attention.

Couple of weeks back when Google introduced a new referral Picasa I noticed many blogs that wrote about it and in the end added a line saying "if you want to download Picasa and also if you wish to help this blog then you can download it from my referral button". I know, it was a big mistake and totally against TOS but many innocent bloggers including myself used to belief that referral buttons are like selling something so you can promote them.

Anyway long story short now you don't have to worry about such issues because now you can use Google Adsense APIs  which enables you to integrate Google AdSense into your website offerings and increase your revenue without risking getting banned from Google. Think of it as a bonus.

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