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Friday, July 21, 2006
new hope for banned blogspot, typepad blogs
Bloggers, who's blogs are hosted by sites such as Blogspot, Typepad and Yahoo! Geocities can relax now.

On last Wednesday Amitabh Singhal, a spokesperson of the Internet Service Providers Association of India told that this ban would be lifted in next 48 hours. according to this news-

"An advisory is being sent from ISPAI to member ISPs saying they should configure their Domain Name Servers (DNS) in such a way that they block only the sub-domains DoT wants blocked," said Singhal, adding, "It would help if, in future, DoT could also mention the mechanism by which sites should be blocked."

According to the latest developments these ISP might also be penalized. From one press release -

As such the DoT has now directed all the ISPs to strictly comply with the order dated 13th July 2006 and provide unhindered access to Internet except for the websites/webpages which have been specifically mentioned in its orders issued from time to time.

The DoT has further sought explanation from the erring ISPs as to why action be not taken against them for blocking unintended websites/webpages.

Now that 48 hour deadline is about to end all we can do is wait and watch DoT's next step.

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