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Friday, July 21, 2006
ISP removes ban on blogspot and typad blogs
Finally ISPs are allowing access to blogspot and typepad blogs. This is a good news for all those bloggers who were getting affected from this ban.

From now onwards only the following sites would be blocked by the ISPs:
  1. www.hinduunity.org
  2. mypetjawa.mu.nu [American right-wing blog]
  3. pajamaeditors.blogspot.com [American right-wing blog]
  4. exposingtheleft.blogspot.com [American right-wing blog]
  5. thepiratescove.us [American right-wing blog]
  6. commonfolkcommonsense.blogspot.com [This is isn't even in English!]
  7. bamapachyderm.com [American right-wing blog]
  8. princesskimberley.blogspot.com [Long defunct]
  9. merrimusings.typepad.com [Defunct American right-wing blog, but now at http://www.merrimusings.mu.nu ]
  10. mackers-world.com [American right-wing blog]
  11. www.dalistan.org [They actually mean www.dalitstan.org which is currently down]
  12. www.hinduhumanrights.org/hindufocus.html
  13. www.nndh.com [Dead URL]
  14. bloodroyaltriped.com [Dead URL]
  15. imagesearchyahoo.com [Dead URL, but it wouldn't be a blog!]
  16. www.imamali8.com [They probably mean imamali.com but somebody mistyped]
  17. www.rahulyadav.com [Computer geek at IU Bloomington - not a blog at all - banned merely for his links to the BJP, RSS, etc]

The Indian Government is also holding ISPs responsible for the inconvenience caused to innocent bloggers at blogspot, typepad and Geocities and might penalized them for this.

see my older posts to learn more about this situation.
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