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Wednesday, August 02, 2006
Can we make good money from free blogs? Answer is Yes!

This was my first blog in the blogosphere. I had no money to buy a domain of my own or paying hosting bills. So like most new guys I started a blog on blogger.com. My main aim was to write about the things I learn on the web, things that are related to blogosphere and webmasters. I joined Digitalpoint forum and started posting my doubts there. I learned a lot from fellow members. I implemented what I learned in my free blog, which was little difficult given the small amount of flexibility given by blogger. I kept on posting here whenever I got time and learning tricks of the trade at the same time.

With time I came to realize that many bloggers prefers a domain of their own to blogspot blogs. They said that it looks more professional. That it brings more respect. All these comments and suggestions gave me an idea. I decided to work on a project to make money from free blogs. I worked on this blog, learned many template hacks and searched the web for best tips and implemented them here. I decided that I won't spend a single dollar on the web. I decided that I would build my online business from this free blog. I kept posting and nothing much happened. After some time Google PR updates took place and my promoting strategy gave me a page rank of 4 for this blog. I was happy. very happy. Now my blog was more mature then when it started some four months back. I contacted some members on DP for link sale and one replied with a positive response. I sold by first link for 3 dollars. It was for one month. I was very happy! I got my first earning in my paypal account. I know this is very small but I am optimistic. This is just a beginning. I wish to make some more money just like this and spend that money to buy a domain of my own. And I wish to keep this blog with me and would show that we can make money out of nothing :)

Now the goal for this blog is clear. I wish to make it an example for all bloggers that we can earn even from free blogs. And to contribute to blogger.com I am going to make this blog the best resource site for blogspot templates, tips, and hacks. You can find latest news and best adsense optimizing tips for blogspot right here. BTW I am expecting my first adsense check in next few weeks :-)

I am interested in buying some more domain names, maybe a music domain.

If you also believe that I can make big here without spending a penny from my pocket then keep visiting and I would keep you updated with all that's happenings around me

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