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Monday, August 07, 2006
Making money, 1 dollar at a time
Finally I made my first purchase with my online earning.

Recently I sold couple of links on this free blog and got a total of $6.54 in my Paypal account (thanks to Paypal fee I could not make it to $7). I wanted to register a domain but since most of the sellers were asking for $6.95 or more I could not buy even after using those discount coupons :( . Anyway during the same time I made a bid on one catchy domain name and to my surprise I won the auction. Now I am a proud owner of 'www.cheatgeek.net'. Of course with just $2.5 left in my account I can't afford a hosting so right now I am using a free hosting, have uploaded a game cheats script(a free script) and adding cheats to the site. The site is not complete in anyway (call it beta if you like) since there is lot to be done there but I am working on it.

I know this is very small thing but I like to see it as one step closer to my goal of earning a living from this free blog, earning with zero investment(of course excluding my time), being a professional blogger and leaving my full-time job.

Its a long journey ahead but I am very excited about it. If you wish to stay with me on this journey then you are most welcome to visit this blog anytime.


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